A Burning in the Darkness

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From her body, tightened into a quiet ball, a trembling hand began to venture.

Meanwhile the languid voice practically sang, “Frauenzimmer, frauenzimmer…

Her breath slowed, a deliberate in and out of musty air. Battered fingers made tentative sweeps across the dusty floor. Her heart slowed from a pitter patter of panic to a deliberate thudding cadence, a wild animal seeking escape from her small chest.

Mein frauenzimmer,” wafted through the darkness, “kein feuer, keine kohle…

Teeth ceased chattering as her jaw set firm. Fingers continued their blind search of the corner sanctuary.

Still the priest spilled verse, “…kann brennen so heiss als wie heimliche Liebe…

Cold hands met an anomaly along the bare floor, a rod of iron, or perhaps brass. It felt solid. It felt reassuring. It felt like strength.

“…von der niemand nichts weiss.

In a moment she broke and was made whole. Her hand tightened around her newfound friend.

Muscles tensed as she hissed, “I know.”

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    As usual for this series I need to provide some translations.

    Frauenzimmer literally means a woman’s room or chamber, but is an olde school derogatory term for a woman.

    The other lines of dialog in German are a poem which reads:
    ‘No fire, no coal
    so hotly glows
    As secret love
    Of which noone knows’

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    I think she’s gonna fight back.. if that pipe comes loose from the floor..

  3. Avatar Kale Xahn

    Wow. Intense and vivid. Great job.

  4. Avatar 32 ^2

    I read the whole series and really enjoyed it. But one thing, and only one, seems out of place and either corrected or defined.

    In your first story you write:

    A chill ran up the teen girl’s spine causing her grip to tighten on the tire iron.

    And this one you write:

    (her) Cold hands met an anomaly along the bare floor, a rod of iron.

    Did she lose the first one?

    I also enjoyed my perspective that this guy was an old priest and blind. So he preferred his young quarry to be locked in a basement where he could blindly hunt them. That vision scared the hell out of me, like a snake searching out a small warm mouse. Nightmarish stuff.

  5. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Oops, took so long in writing it I’d forgotten about the tire iron. I’ll go back to the first one and edit it out.

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