That One Time, With the Pizza Chick - Part II

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“You can’t pay, got no cash? Spent yer dough on this porno stash?
Tell you what, I’m kinda bored. Come here ’n close the door.”
Course I did as she had said & moved in closer to the bed,
Much too quick for spinning head. Tripped & fell onto the floor.
Laid there almost dreaming, she dropped her clothes on the floor.
Holy cow! I’m gonna score.

Could not keep face from smiling, this sexy chick, so beguiling.
Unable to contain my vim; got up, dropped towel I wore.
Excitement sprang from my crotch, could not believe I just might botch,
Perfect chance to score a notch. But too late I watched it pour,
From deep in my loins, milky failure dripped to the floor.
Alas tonight I’d not score.

Her clothes on in an instant, kept my head down as she went.
Standing in a pool of mess, I listened for the hotel door.
Her gone I started weeping. Embarrassment a funny thing,
Feed it time & it stops the sting, sharing same, still a chore.
That’s my story full & true of the time I failed to score,
With a hot pizza chick whore.

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  1. Avatar John Perkins

    This one took a lot of work to get under the limit, so I apologize for some of the odd wording and meter. I really wanted to keep it to two ficlets, rather than three, so I had to make some concessions.

  2. Avatar jesteram

    But he got to keep the pizza, right?

  3. Avatar scratch'n'scrawl

    The two pieces are really quite impressive John. I did notice the little pieces of uneven meter, but I can excuse any of that sort of thing here, because of the limits. Still, I was impressed enough to not even think disparagingly of any of them.

    Thank you. I’ll keep an eye on you I think.

  4. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Go JP! Considering the daunting task of mirroring Poe under the restraints of ficly’s character limit, you have awed me.

  5. Avatar i, Coomber

    I think even attempting such a task on ficlets is something to be proud of in itself, and so any small niggles with the wording and meter aren’t anything to worry about.

    Like ElshaHawk, I too am awed!

  6. Avatar ethelthefrog

    Really enjoyed reading that. I like the failing-to-score twist, too.

    Brave attempt, well executed. Made me laugh.

    Never more.

  7. Avatar Browncoatben

    Now, if only the gentleman Tom Hanks could read it aloud to us all!

    Excellent again, sir.

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That One Time, With the Pizza Chick by John Perkins