Phenomenon of 2010: Intro

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This is the record I’ve compiled for the internet phenomenon of 2010.

Intro: The internet domain was launched on Jan 1, 2010. Also on this day, the top search site was hacked. Millions of users were redirected to the new site. Social sites were inundated with spam posts that linked to the site. It quickly became a mainstay of internet culture— a required daily visit for nearly the entire internet population. Throughout the life of the site, exactly one year, all attempts at identifying the individual(s) responsible failed, and all attempts at disrupting the site were unsuccessful. Posts ranged from mindless humor to public outrage. The following entries describe what was shown on each day, and therefore seen by the world.

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    This may not make much sense without reading the first sequel! Please post YOUR sequels to the Jan 1 through Jan 5 post or (potentially) later posts. Thanks!

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