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It had been the greatest day of my entire life.

My novel had been accepted for publication. My debts were paid off. The coffee I drank in the morning was perfect. I had a bear claw for the first time and it was amazing. All the lights on the way to work were green. No one parked in my spot. The IT guy had finally fixed my computer. I picked up flowers on the way home. On a whim, I popped the question. She said yes! Also, Man U won the game. It’s hard to decide which thing I was more excited about.

Perfect day.

And then a zeppelin fell on me.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    That was silly. There aren’t even hardly any zeppelins in the air these days. So, yeah, amusing, but brief and a bit flat for me.

    Perhaps it’s just a brief commentary on pessimism, that even when you imagine this wonderful of an outcome you can’t help but kill it with a zeppelin?

  2. Avatar Silven

    There’s a reason for the title. I really had to force this one out. The whole story is an excuse for the last line.

  3. Avatar Dear, Vanessa;

    I agree with THX, it was a little flat for me. Perhaps more adjectives to give the writing some life, and make the reader be able to envision it better.

  4. Avatar Reaver19

    laugh to myself….uh I liked this alot. It was a perfect reminder that shit can happen to anyone at any time. I gotta say that you Brits are kickass writers!!!