Here's To You.

Avatar Author: OpenSkies "You're only as tall as your heart will let you be, and you're only as small as the world will make you seem." "A girl with no spine and a sad little smile trying to play love around the rules." Read Bio

Here’s to you.
And here’s to me.
Here’s to all the things
that will never be.

Here’s to your empty heart
Unloved and cold
Here’s to my efforts wasted
and how they’ve grown old.

Here’s to the rain
falling hard on the ground
Here’s to my lonely heartbeat
as the only sound.

Here’s to the storybook ending
Romantic and true
Here’s to the lousy truth
That it’ll never be me and you.

Here’s to the nights
We laid under the stars
And we talked and kissed
And the world thought it was ours.

Here’s to the mornings
I woke up in your bed
When I should have stayed longer
I left early instead.

Here’s to the fact
that you’ve done nothing wrong
And though I blamed you,
it was me all along.

And here’s to the father
Who split on a dime
He’s the reason I can’t trust.
I’m sorry you were mine.

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