Love Is an Electronic Battlefield

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Desperation finally overrides cowardice, and I pour my feelings into an instant message. Neurons and muscles translate emotions into movement; a keyboard turns movement into a time-varying voltage; kilometres of gadgetry transmute this signal through radio waves and laser pulses and transistor switching sequences, culminating in an electric charge that causes liquid crystal molecules to twist in a particular way, blocking polarized light in a specific pattern on her computer monitor. Displaying love through cold machines. Why couldn’t I have said this in person? But it’s too late.

The spark of nuclear fusion ignites a hundred thousand new stars. Computers run through a billion billion calculations. Four seconds pass; an eternity of waiting.

The same processes, in reverse, bring her answer to me. “Sorry, but I don’t feel the same” appears on my screen. How can this handful of pixels be so painful?

Tears in my eyes, now. I’m glad for the technological buffer between us. This way she can’t see me being human.

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  1. Avatar Robert Quick

    I feel your pain. “Desperation overrides cowardice” is a great line and rings true. All of the science and medical terminology is well thought out. The last line is excellent. Sometimes it is that which makes us the most human that makes other people the most uncomfortable.

  2. Avatar kyle90

    Thanks for your feedback, Robert. This isn’t based on any specific incident, it’s more like an amalgamation of several. I was trying to make it relatable for anyone who is familiar with the pain of rejection.

  3. Avatar Infinity.

    This is awesome.
    we’ve all been there and done that.
    I think this is clever pertaining to how people feel nervous about telling others how they feel and the way of technology. :) I liked reading this a lot.

  4. Avatar Over the Precipice of the Unknown; Into the Frontier of Uncertainty

    To go from dense techno-babble to a very common human response was done with remarkable skill. You’ve made a fan out of me with this first work of yours that i read.

  5. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    I like the techno-stuff, and this would have been a great entry in the ‘Nerdy Love Letter’ that was up just recently.

    A few grammar type things, like I think the line, “Displaying love through cold machines,” might read better, “Love displayed through cold machines.” Both are fragments, but I think noun fragments sit a little better than verb ones, if that makes sense.

  6. Avatar cthulhuburger

    When I saw the title on the featured ficly, I knew I had to read it. I wasn’t disappointed. This is a great story and really speaks to those of us who spend a large portion of our lives staring at monitors.

  7. Avatar Emily Suess

    A great piece. 5 pencils!

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