Laurossel's Quandry

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Laurossel had long since given up on maintaining an avatar in the universe. Too much hassle; it’s hard to care when nothing really matters.

He used to jump in for a dip as a short lived street rat, or one-hit wonder, or a slave. But it had been at least 20 cycles since his last life. He’d been a young supergenius, who would’ve surely devised the Great Theory, if he hadn’t gravely miscalculated a temporal rift anomaly. It was enjoyable, but a frustratingly unsatisfying death killed his desire to keep playing.

As he set to work gathering the threads of the universe, he skims over the story. The typical galaxy formation, the great cooling, the birth of life, the rise of sentience, the domination of the physical realm and everything that came after.

This thread didn’t pull tight though. It.. has no end. Or at least, not a regular one. It just starts. This needs investigating. It’s.. Laurossel, the supergenius. From 20 cycles ago. And there’s 3 of him.

Laurossel suddenly had a very difficult decision to make.

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Laurossel had just enough time to return to his apartment and rest a little before the PA system outside announced “Armageddon in 4 hou...

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