Shadow Walker

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Night fell. The shadows grew and the trees shrieked and cackled in delight as the girl wandered aimlessly through the darkening wood. The creatures of the dark followed her behind the trees and watched the young child with quizzical faces.

Why is she here? They all pondered, What could she possibly want this time?

The girl raised her lantern in the direction of the monsters and the dark shrank back from the light, squealing in fright.

“Where is Abdumal?” she whispered at the shadows, “I wish for her presence.”

“We know not, Walker,” spoke the darkness, “nor would we tell you if, indeed, we knew.”

“Silence Ashamal!” cried the shadows on the other side, “you know who you insult.”

“How can you abide, Balisdeen, knowing what she has done to us and our sisters?”

“Quiet all of you!” the girl fumed, “I know Abdumal has contacted you when she was in trouble in the past and she is in trouble now. So where is she?”

“We shant tell you, Shadow Walker,” said Asamai, “for we do not know.”

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  1. Avatar Over the Precipice of the Unknown; Into the Frontier of Uncertainty

    These read as fantastic characters!! Would very much like to see what you have in store here… Minor typo when the darkness speaks, should be: “indeed, we knew” ? Also, is Abdumal male or female, cause teh Shadow Walker says she wishes for “his” presence, then she says, “when SHE was in trouble.” Other than that, great start!

  2. Avatar Reaver19

    Oh I do love a good Dark character story. I hope to see more.

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