Temple of Aphrodite and Ares

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My crime? Looking a guy in the face.

I gritted my teeth and wriggled helplessly to keep the crowd happy. Completely immobile and spread-eagled, at the centre of the great amphitheatre of the 22nd-century temple of Aphrodite and Ares. Four hundred little open-fronted cubicles gave the all-male audience some degree of privacy and me absolutely none.

A collective gasp reached me at the same time I was pierced by something cold, thick and slippery. The movements within me were being echoed to every guy there and they were loving it. Humane, they said. Best chance in times of near-zero fertility, they said. I fought harder as the frenzy around me and in me grew. Good crowd for a new girl, they said.

Damn this body! I felt it start to respond and I could do nothing about it. Insistent vibration pushed me into a climax I never wanted and I screamed my anguish as the seed of 400 desperate men splashed into me.

I’d be back every two days until I conceived, they said.

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  1. Avatar dkscully

    While it is written in a classy fashion… the concept itself is really very disturbing.

  2. Avatar Spiderj

    incredibly disturbing. But, like dkscully said, the writing is classy. I want to make an obvious comparison to The Handmaid’s Tale, but I’m not even sure if it’s apt its so long since I read the book.

    My favourite line is “Good crowd for a new girl, they said”. It says so much about the situation and ‘they said’ is painful in its banality. All the frenzy and then that in the middle of it. And then again at the end: “…they said.”

    I don’t know if you saw BA Boucher’s entry in the challenge but it’s weirdly similar and yet completely different. And this one and that are my favourites.

  3. Avatar BA Boucher

    For all the people that said my story made them feel dirty and really liking it, I now know what they mean.

    “frenzy around me and in me” that is a spectacular line.

    Highest marks and I bow to your superior efforts.

    @spiderj I saw the parallels to Handmaiden as well. Remember the sex in that book was the wife laying on top of the handmaid so the husband looked at her instead of where he was sticking his dirty business.

    I am truly disturbed.

  4. Avatar ethelthefrog

    BA Boucher: I am bowing to your superior efforts too. I hadn’t read your entry when I wrote this, but we are heading on parallel tracks, a universe apart.

    Thank you all for saying such kind things about my piece.

  5. Avatar Shamaliane


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