Chocolate Confusion

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I totally got hit by a semi in the parking lot while I was walking.

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A semi what? Men have that problem too, and sometimes in a parking lot, one never knows.


A hunk of semi sweet chocolate?


I heard there’s a rotten toothed bandit named Sweet William running lose on the island throwing hunks of Semi Sweet baker’s chocolate at unsuspecting women. Most women can hear him coming, he loudly sings “Ain’t she sweet, as she’s walking down the street”.

Did anyone find the hunk of chocolate and put it on Ice so it could be reattached?

You got your semi in my chocolate!

Next up: “Woman Bruised By Chocolate. Victim states she will get her sweet revenge.”

LMFAO!!! ‎ Now that wound deserves a good slow lick.

Last week he only attacked with his “Brown Fairy Dust”, harmless cocoa powder, screaming “B.F.D!”

LMGDAO!! You idiots! It was a real semi-truck backing into our loading dock.

Please tell us it was a Hershey’s truck, so this all makes some kind of sense.

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  1. Avatar 32 ^2

    I’m in italics.

    A little “taste” for all of you on how my brain works and how there are hidden stories in everyday conversations.

    My entire idea came from one partial word….SEMI. The desire to make my friend laugh was a hugh factor too.

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Thanks for sharing.

    Now I want chocolate.

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