Bravery and Loss

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“Momma! Look what I finded!” a little girl cried out, toddling towards Adrianna. The young mother smiled gently. Her steel-toed boot prodded the campfire quickly, making sure it crackled.

“What’d you find, Beth?” she asked, kneeling down and hugging her little girl. Adrianna held out her hand and was surprised when she received a photo. She looked down at her daughter then back at the picture. It was torn and broken, split down the middle.

“Baby.. Where did you find this?” Adrianna asked her. Beth smiled proudly. “It was by the door.”

“Ah.. I remember this. That was your daddy and I before all this happened.” the young woman murmured quietly.

“What happen to him?” Beth asked, rocking on her heels. She looked up at her mother with a curious expression on her face.

“Well, honey, he had to leave. Your daddy was a sweet man but he was brave too. When the monsters came and tried to get us, he threw himself in front of us. He let us get away while the monsters took him away. He’s up in heaven now, baby girl.”

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  1. Avatar MWatson

    Great pacing until the end where it seems like you are trying to “finish” the story and make it complete. If you leave off the last paragraph you can let others define a sequel, or slowly spell out the details in 100 other posts.

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