Just Another Day

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I weave between the alleyways, stopping to shake the grains of sand from between my sandals. Hassan follows closely behind.

I raise an arm to shield my face from the blast-furnace heat.

“They all love you.” Hassan looks at me in awe, grinning. “They said they’d only let me come if I brought you along.”

“Oh.” I manage a clumsy nod.

The silence that followed was like a scorpion being pulled through a glass tube.

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Comments (3 so far!)

  1. Avatar ipe

    I really liked the imagery, and I am curious as to what makes the main character so special.

    To heighten the setting, the last sentence could be made more localized. Not sure if it was a play on words, but I would imagine a scorpion be pulled through a glass tube as grating and loud, instead of silent. But that might be the point. Maybe if it was across glass tiles, or something else middle easten, it further define the place?

    Nice job!

  2. Avatar ajschwartz

    Also a fan of the imagery, but I imagine a scorpion would put up some sort of fight if it were pulled through a glass tube, producing some skittering sounds.

    I’m getting sort of a “Dune” vibe from this piece. Is the person everyone wants to see something of a Paul Atreides character?

  3. Avatar airborne

    Thanks for the feedback! The imagery was intentional, though might edit for localisation. Didn’t have Dune in mind, but it sounds like an interesting idea for a sequel!

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