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I need you weak. I need you vulnerable. If I could make you fall in love with only my words I’d write forever. Let each word drip from your lips. If my words have no effect and do not bring even a small flutter to your stomach, I’ll keep you only inside my head. I’ll imagine that you hang on every word. I’ll feign your delight and write a smile onto your pale, chapped lips. While you are appreciating the words of another I’ll write you into perfection; into fascination. Are you fascinated yet? I’ll write you a thousand letters, even when we no longer speak. I’ll write the words I want to hear out of your mouth, to fall lightly onto the empty seat beside me. I’ve never felt more alone but I can only imagine it would be worse if you sat in that empty seat beside me. There, but not here.

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  1. Avatar Dear, Vanessa;

    This is interesting, I like your word choice through out the piece. I really like this.