A Broken Girl.

Avatar Author: Dear, Vanessa; I'm a 17 year old Canadian lesbian residing in Ontario. This is just a place for me to share my thoughts, I have many of them stored in my head although not all of them are beautiful. Read Bio

I am a girl who is lost within a realm fabricated by the lost thoughts floating through her mind. Each idea passing by slowly, activating the parts of my brain that I cannot even begin to understand. Each feeling as forbidden as the fruit of Eden, but as tempting as the snake who taunts me shamelessly. I do not know whether the sudden dawning of clarity will come, or whether the gradual sneak of relief will settle itself within my heart but I can say that whichever way my mind is settled, I will be stronger as a person who was once broken, rather than one who was always complete.

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  1. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    Wow! Just wow. Girl, you have talent. Another beautiful outpouring of the heart. Your language is so concise, sentences so perfectly structured. And I keep thinking that you’re going to go wrong but you always swerve back into literary correctness.

    I love the biblical reference … very clever! Your writing is very poetic and wonderful. Yes, I could pick faults in this but it’s just so…good! I don’t want to!
    Abby x

  2. Avatar meep

    I told you how much I loved this c: Very nice.

  3. Avatar Reaver19

    Really gooood!

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