Becoming Sophia (89)

Avatar Author: K-Jellybean You know that moment when you realize you're in over your head? "I am steeped in blood so far, that returning would be as tedious as going ahead." ***** I missed this place. I missed posting. I can't be the user that ... Read Bio

“Marina! Marina wake up!” someone’s voice roused me from my almost-sleep.

“Hmm?” I looked about, surprised to see a brightly burning candle flame nearby. I crawled towards it on my hands and knees.

“Marina, are you all right?” the voice asked and I realized it was the prince.

“Yes,” I lied in a curt tone. “Why are you here?”

“Marina, I’m sorry, there were too many people against you—what was I to believe?”


“Shhh! You’re right, I’m sorry!” Andrien said, “but I’m here now!”

“Who told you the truth?” I demanded. Elsebeth’s face appeared by the bars to my cell, her expression one of worry in the dim light. “You!” I gasped.

“I’m so sorry, Marina, but there was nothing I could do!”

“You could have done everything! You could have told the truth! You could have stood up for me, but I shouldn’t have expected you to—you’ve never done anything to help me before!” I replied bitterly.

“I’m sorry, Marina,” she repeated.

“Like it makes a difference now,” I spat.

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The dungeon was terrifying and dark, dirty and repulsive, but even worse was the ever present stench of rotting corpses and vomit, or rat dro...

Becoming Sophia (88) by K-Jellybean

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