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I have written story after story while listening to the songs on my iPod. My fingers have bled from scraping against paper; my eardrums shot out because of music. And I am left with nothing but loneliness. I do not regret anything that I have done in the past, however. Live life with no regrets, the voices have told me. They’ve kept me moving through life. I have indeed watched countless moments float by my head. Stolen kisses in the hallway, a careful brush of skin against skin, and people are off on their way to classes.

I have been left behind by everyone now.

My face has been slammed into concrete ground so many times. I’ve forgotten how to smile now. It hurts sometimes.. this heartache. You haven’t looked at me ever since I told you we couldn’t be friends anymore. You don’t understand. It was not healthy for us to be that way. Dear, don’t you know this already? I have loved you for eternity. You were my best friend and I promised you so much. I’m sorry.

I have turned into the ghost of a girl.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    So, you called it off, but feel bad that the person is hurting because of the tough love choice you had to make. I had difficulty figuring that out because you used ‘this’ at the end when you should have used ‘that’. “Not healthy for us to be THAT way” You ended it, past tense, it is over, ‘that’. Then you switch to present tense “don’t you know…” then past ‘have loved’, and then present ’i’m sorry’. whew! A mental workout. But I finally got it. I think…

  2. Avatar madiloveszombies

    Haha, thanks for pointing out these mistakes! I’ll have to come up with a few ways to change the present tense mistakes. And yes, you are correct on the ‘called it off’ :) I tried to portray it as best as I could. Unfortunately, I have gone through the exact same thing that I just wrote about. I had to call off a friendship with my friend. It’s been quite a while though since I thought about it and I decided to write my inner thoughts on it, and to ease some of the guilt I guess you could say.

  3. Avatar Kasdeya

    You’re the ghost of a girl that you used to know well. But are you dancing slowly in an empty room? <3
    Text me.