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Eyes lock.

Fingers intertwine.

She pulls away, only to be seized by her partner.

He lets her go, she stumbles onto the floor as he starts to undress her.

Tears roll down her eyes, she tries to scream but she can’t.
Not with her mouth bounded.

He tugs on her clothes, seemingly endless amounts of cloth wrapped around a body he’s been waiting to get his fingers on for ages.

In his eyes, a genuine, complete love.

In his eyes, a true emotion. A true love only rarely felt, almost never expressed.

He rips the tape from her mouth as she gasps for a breath before he shoves his lips onto hers.

She bites him, he recoils.

“Please, Professor,” she heaves between tears and between breaths, “Please let me go.”

He ignores her, rendered deaf, thoughtless with emotion.
He finally gets the clasp open on her bra.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Definitely have 2 sides here in one ficly, hard to do, and you did it! This is a macabre scene, terrifying, horrifying, and rightly chosen.

  2. Avatar Infinity.

    whoa. super intense.
    I was definitely not expecting it to be her professor.
    This is great though.

  3. Avatar 32 ^2

    If you’re 18 and writing like this already, you have a great future. I’m on the fence if this should be marked mature or not. But I’m almost 50, I think I was very immature at 18, this is a very mature piece.

    It’s not about a relationship between a professor and student, It could be any two people really. This is about two points of view. I’m deeply impressed by your take on it, she is in the process of being raped, he’s convinced he’s about to “make love” to her.

  4. Avatar Dear, Vanessa;

    I thought this was deliciously written! It was definitely a darker piece, but I loved it. It’s a story I’d like to read more of.

    Congrats on being featured, you deserve it :)

  5. Avatar StayGold

    So this is the 1st Ficly I’m reading since my return to Ficly earlier today and I must say I’m so glad to be back and be able to read such great work like this.