Daddy's Home

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At night i dream of peaceful times crying in my dream knowing all I have seen
to take back tragedy relive it all would be tragic losing new memories
Nothing seems quite certain in these dreams as I sleep like a movie never ending
I wait to sleep again seeing all that was and will be
yet never seeing the end nothing breaks us
nothing bonds us as free spirits understanding love patience trust
Awakening I feel worse knowing your not there
to talk to and tell you what it is I dream seeming every day just an hour too late
I sit back to waiting and i miss you
Nothing makes me feel worse than the missed chances to say goodbye
nothing hurts me more than when you already gone
I close my eyes hoping to catch one last glimpse of our innocence
as time rewinds then falls behind
these scenes keep me floating on but noting escapes the test of time
when I wake to my son crying these dreams of peace leave my mind
the hurt returns for just a while as my day gets going I start to smile
we start to dance then alas daddy’s home

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    you’re, twice you need you’re instead of your or you.

    I can feel the desolation, and the relief at the end when daddy arrives. That’s good, but the other grammar bothers me.. and I’m keeping it all in.

  2. Avatar Sage Autumn

    sorry, had to take a story which was written as a poem and hack it up to fit it all into what they allow…next time I will just use prequel and sequels :) Thank you for the feedback