The Silk Lily: Deadly Glimmer

Avatar Author: Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA)) "If people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done." --Ludwig Wittgenstein My name is Wednesday, and I guess you could say that for the most part that quote personifies me. If there were no sil... Read Bio

As soon as the doors closed, Tetsuko twirled Kiri quickly and brought the girl’s eyes in line with her own. Kiri avoided the geisha’s gaze.

“What was that?” Testuko’s voice broke through her strength. “Why do those demons want you? What have you taken?” Kiri shook her head, staring unwaveringly at a shard of glass on the floor. Tetsuko grabbed her wrist, shaking her until the child looked into her eyes.

“What curse is on you, child? What crea…?” Tetsuko’s gaze latched onto a glint wobbling below Kiri’s thumb. Tetsuko stood up straight, pulling Kiri’s hand up with her. “This jewel…”

“It’s mine!” Kiri screamed, running to the corner of the room and guarding the pendant with her whole body.

“Kiri-chan…” Tetsuko ventured, advancing slowly until the door burst open again.

“What in Hell has happened here?” Raiku cried, rounding on Tetsuko. The young woman reeled from the slap and fell onto her futon. From the floor, she raised a hand in a ghostly manner, index finger pointing towards Kiri. “Demon child.”

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