Bellezza Nascosta's Beauty Inside

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Belle Nascosta, so sweet, so smart, so funny, so neat.
Belle Nascosta, so lonely, so shy.
Belle Nascosta, hears truth, sees lies.
Belle Nascosta, ashamed, feeling ugly inside. Asking her mama, why her beauty was offside.

Mama, knowing best, smiled and said, “You are beautiful, Bellezza. Your hair, crimson red!” Belle sighed and looked at her Mama and cried, “But the kids say that my eyes are too green! Why, Mama must they be so mean?”

“Bellezza with eyes of almond-shape. So bright they reflect a farmer’s landscape. You’re incandescent! How could you think such a thing,” asked Mama.

“I don’t like my appearance, Mama. Nor anyone else. Why must the world be so unctuous?”

Mama grabbed her daughter’s hand, her voice light like a mouse, “Bellezza Nascosta, my beauty kept inside, you are so radiant, iridescent, and kind. I love you and you know you’re all mine.”

Belle smiled and looked at her mother and said, “You’re the best mother a daughter ever could find.”

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    A very sweet poem (I think it’s a poem?). It has a nice message, one of reassurance and the beauty of being unique or even different.

    For the record, most guys melt for redheads, especially ones with bright green eyes.

  2. Avatar Emmalene Marie

    Aww, why thank you. I happen to be a redhead, my profile picture is actually of my sister! :) But thank you, I really appreciate it, I was hoping someone would know what Bellezza Nascosta means in Italian, which is Beauty Hidden. Thank you for your comments!

  3. Avatar Emmalene Elizabeth

    Great poem! I found it the name you chose for the girl interesting because when I first read it, I knew the name wasn’t English. So I went to Google Translate and discovered that Belleza Nascosta is Italian for “Hidden Beauty”. I found that very cool how you chose that as her name.