No Longer an Isolated Incident

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Still recovering from the shock of having just seen the house expand, Jackson felt a certain urge to tell someone. He wasn’t exactly a friendly person; perhaps this was why he had bought this lonesome property in the first place. Alone in the forest, only accessible via dirt road.

So he got back in his car, and drove slowly back to town, watching his rear-view mirror, a bit terrified of what the house was capable of now. However, even though he kept a keen eye on the mirror, the only out-of-place item was the chimney, which seemed to be creeping taller and taller with every passing second.

“Why is this happening?” he asked himself. “What kind of magic causes a house to do that? And for what purpose?”

He continued driving, and soon came into town, where, not knowing who else to tell, pulled into the driveway at his parents’ house. Getting out of his car, he noticed that the paint on the side of the garage was peeling too.

Strange coincidence? He wasn’t sure. He rang the doorbell, hoping for some guidance.

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  1. Avatar dt

    Sweet! I hadn’t thought of him owning the house! Nice addition, and a good twist that it’s happening elsewhere. The protagonist must be causing it!

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