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Eventually, everyone, no matter how saintly, gets to a point where they say “Fuck it.” Some may put it in milder terms, but it all reduces down to those two simple words.

The angry computer technician who gets call after call after call after call about the same system, for instance. You know, the one that’s stalled because he’s waiting for a part to arrive to repair it and get it the fuck out the door. Then, when he tells the customer what’s happening, the customer still continues to call and ask for status updates.

The customer isn’t helping anyone. Not even him- or herself. Only delaying an already long process. The computer technician isn’t holding the system ransom. Calling and checking on it is only causing the tech to stop working on it and answer your GOD DAMNED phone calls.

Especially when we consider the fact that the computer has only been in the shop for two days.

So, fuck it. Right in the ear. With a barbed wire dildo. In the middle of Antarctica. And then set it on fire.

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  1. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    Lol. Funny…but I do sense your frustration. Hmm…maybe frustration isn’t a strong enough sentiment to describe this. It’s certainly not nonsense! My brother’s a computer technician, and he frequently gets pissed off with customers and clients who consult him but won’t let him do his job. At least you’ve got some stress relief in the form of writing.

    About the actual writing: the confusion of it all adds well to the angry tone and I like the structure. You get the audience sympathetic towards the principle character pretty swiftly and I absolutely adore that last line. Sounds like a good plan.
    Abby x

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