What Is Love?

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Some people ask
What is love?
There are those who say
A gift from above
There are others who say
It’s gentle as a dove
People say
It’s a hard road to take
Others say
It’s not worth the heartbreak
I say
That the pain
Is not always
In vain

Love is learning
Love is caring
Love is other people sharing
Time and again love is daring

The way to love someone
Can be confusing
Occasionally can feel abusing
The trick is using
Those feelings to grow

Love is like a blanket of snow
It can be cold
Or like a flash fire
Igniting longing desire

Whatever love is to you
Try to see it through
Because even if it doesn’t work
There’s always next time to try again

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  1. Amj Lone Writer

    Before anyone goes there, I know about the rhyme scheme. I’m not even sure this poem has one.

  2. Avatar Elisabeth L. Davis(LoA)

    Very..well.. poetic.

  3. Avatar ALRO613 (LoA)

    Nice heartfelt poem..
    Yes, there are structural issues .. but you knew that.

    Love is learning
    Love is caring
    Love is other people sharing

    Best part of the poem right there.
    Cuz you can follow it up with something:

    Love is old
    Love is new
    Love will always see you through.

    Has a great rhythm with words fitting the rhyme.

  4. Avatar ALRO613 (LoA)

    i just reread MY PART of the poetry in my suggestion… I take it back..
    Don’t use what i wrote… it’s too cheesy !! haha.. but you get my point! :)

  5. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    yeah it jumps around in meter but it mostly rhymes! I think you have chosen a great topic too, :P

  6. Avatar Sam Ervin

    Just a small note: both instances of the word “its” should be “it’s”, since it is short for “it is”.

    A well-worn topic, to be sure, but done decently.

  7. Amj Lone Writer

    Whoops, I’ll fix that. Thanks :)