I Can't Stop Myself

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They took me away.

I’ve left. Gone away. Disappeared. Vanished. I’m no longer where I was, I’m in a new place.

I’m stuck in a cell. Locked up, pinned down, held back, chained to the wall.

It’s not that different than my past existence, in fact it’s much the same. Forced away from the world.

No one wants to see me anyway. I’m a loser, freak, jerk, just a general pain in the ass. I should just die…

… I hear noises. Footsteps are pounding. Machinery is banging. The telephone is wailing. A baby is crying. Where could I be?

I’m lost, stranded, unfamiliar with my surroundings. I’m not sure where I am.

When they took me away, they took me somewhere new. Somewhere without any of the comforts of home.

Am I crazy? Nuts? Insane? Deranged? Mad?

The door is shaking. The door is sliding. The door is opening.

They’re back. They don’t want me here.

I scramble to the corner of the room. They are faster.

No… no! I won’t go!

They’re taking me away again!

I can’t stop myself, they’re taking me away again!

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  1. Avatar Sam Ervin

    This one didn’t quite turn out how I wanted it.

  2. Amj Lone Writer

    I still like it. In fact it downright inspired me. I’m going to write you a sequel.

  3. Avatar gĀ²LaPianistaIrlandesa

    cringes Man, this narrator’s just having a hell of a bad day, no?

  4. Avatar Riley

    ITS BASED OFF A SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LUFF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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