Wheel Turning 'Round Part 4

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Every cell dispersed into effulgence. The coruscating white light darkled to red, then a mollified pink. A pulsation of animus ebbed and flowed rhythmically, a susurration echoing throughout. Sometimes fast sometimes slower. Time did not exist in the fundamental sense. Here was sustaining. Here was coalescence. Then a pulling, a drawing. Imminence…

…He opened his eyes and there was harsh flourescent light. Coldness. A stark contrast to the warmth he had been comforted by inside. He needed air but couldn’t breathe. Suddenly a loud smack was laid across his backside and his nerves prickled with sensation. With an all powerful breath he sucked in his first taste of oxygen.

“Félicitations!” A nurse cooed, “C’est un garçon!”

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  1. Avatar Eric Soiland

    Wow. I really like the journey the character makes. Its so well written its visceral.

    This is like a sculpture made of marble with every surface meticulously smoothed over.

    Reincarnation is a strange topic to write about. I can see why it took four parts to complete.

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