Two Years

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Two years of his life
Lost to misery.
Two years of his life
Lost to you,
With nothing to show for it
Except a scar that won’t heal
And a heart that can’t feel.

He’s done hiding
Behind this hurt.
He’s done hiding
Behind these memories.
Life is still out there, waiting.
Starting to pick up the pieces,
The speed of his step increases.
That sluggish crawl finally replaced
By steady steps, confident and sure.
You gave him just one little taste
Of something good, something pure,
He won’t let you stop him from finding it again.

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  1. Avatar Madiline Rosewood

    Yay for recovery!
    I dont mean this in a mean way, but the begining verse makes me laugh.

  2. Avatar In Night's Arms

    yes, yay for recovery.
    How so?

  3. Avatar Madiline Rosewood

    Just cause of calling those years miserable. Its just like “HA BUURRRN!”

  4. Avatar In Night's Arms

    Ah, yeah well. Funny how you can ruin good memories right?
    I’m not sure that’s how I intended that, it wasn’t intentional, but its right.

  5. Avatar 32 ^2

    Excellent pace, well lined.

  6. Avatar Brebelles {LoA}

    The ending is a nice way to end it.
    Because it’s not like he gave up, it’s more that it gave him power to continue.

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