Enter Stage Right

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As a chubby man in a suit and tie opened the padlock a frightened woman crawled out of the box. Dolo shuddered at the thought of being placed in solitary confinement just to be allowed to be considered for this secret club. He thought how much he wanted to grow as a writer and knew he was willing to undergo the necessary humiliation.

Then the Viceroy hammered down a gavel to hush the group. He closed his eyes and shook his head ceremoniously then stepped forward and began reciting in a slow monotonous tone.

Deepness of space.
Silence booms.
Darkness gathers momentum.”

Everyone in the room seemed to swoon. The matriculated members glanced around at one another as they softly clapped and sang its praise. Scattered comments arose from the group.

“Such a visionary”

“A soft tone for so much emotion”

“Consistently prolific prose”

“it starts with sinew and ends with energy”

“That’s why he is the Viceroy”

The man bowed then took his seat and motioned for Dolo to step up to the podium.

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