3rd Shift

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It hits me like a wave!
With each passing surge it pulls me deeper into exhaustion. In this wave it’s under current is so strong I can no longer fight it and I find myself dozing off. My head falls back and my mouth goes slack as I drift into oblivion dreaming of my $1200 bed back home. I come to and look frighteningly around to make sure no one saw me like this only to let my head drop onto my chest for yet another sleep spell. FUCK!!! Why can’t I stay awake? Maybe it’s this damn chair and its lumbar support and extra soft cushion. Maybe it’s because I’m not getting any sleep at home due to my “equally” exhausted girlfriend and my rambuncious son. Either way my current situation is only worsened by the fact that a friggin’ camera is staring at me all night and I’ve been warned of my lack of diligence at my post by my supervisor! (yup I’m screwed) I’m gripped with fear because, believe it or not I need this shitty job and its just as shitty benefits because I’ve got bills to pay….fuck im tired!!!

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  1. Avatar airborne

    Good to see you’re back, I feel your pain – struggling to get back into studying gear now!

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