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How much would it hurt
To take away a life?
And is it wrong to want to end
The worry and the strife?

It could be so simple,
An action done with ease.
My life would slowly ebb away…
Think about it, please?

Living versus dying;
Which would you prefer?
My answers change from time to time
As my emotions stir.

I know you get uncomfortable,
I see it in your eyes.
You know that I can see right through
your never-ending lies.

So if I took my life away,
spilled every bloody drop,
Would you even care at all
if I made my heart stop?

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  1. Avatar The Ghost in the Machine LoA

    Wow. Just Wow.
    I’ve read the last few poems you’ve posted, and I have to say, they are all very powerful and emotional. I’m amazed you can put so much emotion into so little words and also manage to keep them in the same framework. That being said, they are all about cutting and suicide which is touchy stuff. Speaking from experience, I hope you don’t struggle with these feelings in reality. Well done none the less.