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I noticed that peculiar stench. Semi sweet mixed with that unmistakable sour vomit-inducing sting. It crept right up my nose and into my throat almost knocking me to the blood smeared floor.

As I rounded the corner of the isle I was met with a sight of unimaginable dread…..about 30-40 zombies stood huddled together at the end of the isle. Inching back into a crouch as to not bring any attention to myself I sighed and weighed my other options.

1. Take the corner at a dead sprint while screaming my throat dry hoping to intimidate a creature devoid of any emotion hoping they’ll cower in fear.
2. Shit my pants and stay hidden here while sucking my thumb hoping my mommy will save me.
3. Man up, formulate an effective plan so I can survive this and find the food my son and the rest of our group so desperately need.

After careful deliberation and a few minutes of steadying my now epically shattered nerves I go with option three and look for an alternate route…here we go!

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Nobody was prepared for this. I mean, how could you right? I had read some survival guides as a kid on hunting and foraging in the woods but&...

Yup! Zombies... by Reaver19

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