Melody the Lost UniCloud: Marring Perfection

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The sun was shining brightly in the middle of the sky. Butterflies bounced lazily through the air. Everything seemed so nice. Melody beamed internally and forced her cloud form to drift down to the earth. Today was much too nice to spend as a cloud.

When she touched the green grass she concentrated and her form began to solidify. A shape began to form out of the fluffy clouds as if a sculptor had taken a hammer and chisel to marble. The puffy clouds around the edges dissipated and when the transformation was complete, a proud unicorn mare stood where a happy cloud once floated.

Melody tossed her head once, exalting in the feeling of just being in a physical body. However, being a unicorn specifically felt GLORIOUS! The feeling of the sun on her skin, the fragrance of flowers in the fields, the smell of smoke… wait a second! Why was there a column of thick black smoke on such a gorgeous day?

Swishing her tail irritably, Melody searched for the souce of the pollution that threatened to ruin her day.

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    ugh. i cannot stand overly cheerful unicorns. you better write a sequel headed somewhere sinister soon, mister.