Typical Monday Night

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“Hey baby?”
“What should we do tonight?”
“Hmm. Want to go to the mall later?”
“Or we could go to the movies. There is that new movie out I wanted to see! Should I call Jeanie?”
“Hunh? Uh-hunh.”
“Oooo! We could go out to dinner afterwords! What would you want to eat for dinner?”
“I bet Jeanie would want to eat at that new french restaurant that just opened! I can wear my new dress! Would you like to do that tonight sweetheart?”
“Mm. Uh-hunh.”
“I’m gonna go call Jeanie! I love you baby.”
“Uh-hunh. You too.”

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  1. Avatar Ronnie

    I wasn’t too happy with how this turned out, but it’s fairly typical of the average conversation on a Monday night during football season.

  2. Avatar dkscully

    A dialogue that’s bordering on monologue.

    I like the slightly brittle note of near desperation on the part of the poor partner abandoned for the Football.

    I do wonder, however, what might have happened if she’d asked a more controversial question – “Can I have a hundred dollars?” – or perhaps made a startling statement – “I’m pregnant” springs to mind as an obvious cliché. :-)

    Thanks for playing!

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