On Patrol: Quietude and Night

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Later, Bannon met Firus on the bridge. Both men were intensely weary, but as veterans of the sky both had been through worse before. Darkness cradled the battered hull of the Heart’s Desire, offering sanctuary until dawn.

Firus and Bannon regarded the world through the windows on the bridge as they had done on so many other peaceful nights like this. Bannon broke the silence.

“How did it go when you confronted him?”
There was no need to clarify who ‘he’ was.
“Says he’s watching my back,” Firus grunted eventually. “Had something about the Group dying off, that somebody was killing them.”
Bannon considered for a moment, and shrugged.
“He may have a point. I heard much the same, and I wasn’t even listening out for it.”
“He’s dishonest. Nay, treacherous! I won’t stand for that on my crew, and you know that.”
“All the same, he had honest intentions if he’s speaking the truth. And there’s no denying that he’s a good Quartermaster, that we’ve seen.”
“Aye, and he did good down there today too.”

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  1. Avatar mark.i.wang

    Something about the dialogue feels odd. “And yet, he came aboard in treachery…” doesn’t quite fit right, feels narrated to me. But i’m not a sailor, so maybe i wouldn’t know.

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