My 1st Poem what do you think???

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When I’m lonely and afraid, you are here.
On the darkest nights
And the darkest days
It’s you I cry out to
And I know you’re near.

When I’m happy and filled with pride
You will save me -
Now that I’m sure -
Save me from falling into Satan’s trap, where there is no more.

I need something; I need you
To guide me through when I feel blue.
Now you are holding me so deep in your arms
And here you whisper “I love you”
While I watch the angels dance.

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  1. Avatar Funky Chunky

    Lovely first poem. Well done!

  2. Avatar lotso

    love it x

  3. Avatar Breeze

    I’m not good at criticizing. But I found the second stanza kind of awkward, maybe you should rephrase. there is no more what? no more anything?… i don’t get it. But it does sound pretty.

    Anyway, I really like this, especially the last line. keep on writing! :)

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