Finding friends, night falls.

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She’s running as fast as she can; but it’s gaining on her.
Just as she turns the corner – “Shhh!” A powerful hand cups her mouth, and an arm yanks her off her feet. She sees Blake – waiting in the shadows.
He swings a baseball bat right as it passes the corner.

“Are you okay, Tricia?” Lee puts her down. Blake and Lee – the Watson twins.
“Ye-yeah.”-“I’m”-“f-uh-fine.” She gasps between breaths. And then she vomits.
Neither Blake nor Lee seem to notice.
“I’m so”…“so-sorry.”
Lee nods, he pats her back – “It’s ok… I know.”

They slip from house to house, slowly making their way out of the suburbs. Night falls, and they find shelter in a small house. Huddled in the darkness, they whisper; unable to sleep. Blake takes the first shift.
“Isn’t your dad a cop?”, Lee whispers.
“Haven’t talked to him in a few weeks.”
And next weekend is supposed to be his weekend, she thinks.
After a few moments she asks, “What about your parents?”
Lee pauses, “Dad volunteered for the posse.”
and Mom is gone.

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  1. Avatar Ben Adams

    I love this chapter. It’s fantastic. The little children banding together, the comment about “his weekend” is perfect. This is a really great continuation.

  2. Avatar madiloveszombies

    Fantastic sequel. I agree with Ben on the “weekend” comment in the story, it was an excellent detail in the story.

  3. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    So, David was Tricia’s dad, I think, and could Frank have been the twins’ dad? I love the rogue teens, fighting to survive. They have to be the key to the success of some future mission, they just have to. :)

  4. Avatar

    i’ll leave that up to the next ficleter. my original intent is that Frank is the twins father. but there’s lots of other possibilities for plot lines – there’s the obvious Tricia/Lee romance, the less obvious Tricia/Blake/Lee triangle (pulling that off might be too ambitious), plus, with twins – if you lose one, you have a backup. Oh and at some point David and Tricia will reunite. Or will they?

  5. Avatar Reaver19

    I smell NYT best seller!!!

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