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Why am I
This touch
This taste
This smell
should all mean so much
could all mean so much
if it wouldn’t hurt me so much.
You and me
sure to be
until we see
that we can’t be
when we’re both so
This time
This place
This alibi
To get us by
as long as we try
don’t lie-
you feel it too.
But admit it
We’re indifferent.
It’d be nothing more
than fate
searching for bait
or a cleaner slate
than the state
we’re currently in.
So maybe we can give it a try
but only once you and I
are no longer

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  1. Avatar In Night's Arms

    I feel like I need to say something about this. I’m just not entirely sure what.
    I like it. Honest, straightforward. The rhyming is nice, more like a song. At least is in my head.