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If painters had the colors
to replicate the sky
and the trees that tower
high above my head,
we would all
and appreciate
the painter
(with his stained hands and clothes)
and we would
stop and stare,
eyes open, mouth agape,
too enamored by the beauty
of the gentle giants
that are the trees
the wrung out sea
that is our sky.

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  1. Avatar Infinity.

    this is lovely.
    I really love it to be honest.
    Truth though, we should appreciate artists a little more. they create so much and can go so unnoticed. it’s a shame but where would we be without art?

  2. Avatar

    pretty… but you forgot the trees. presumably the trees get a little admiration, no?

  3. Avatar Ariah Oak

    The trees will get some admiration, but unfortunately I wrote this during my Physics class and didn’t have time to add in the bit about the trees. But now I do!

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