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It strode into the workshop on smoothly articulated, massively powerful piston-driven legs; caught the light with brassed steelwork when it locked softly glowing eyes onto me. It was a crowning jewel of an achievement.

Thick, angular plates protected the vital clockwork of its beating heart, capable of defeating any shell or bullet. Those hawklike eyes can pick out a target at any range. The finest cogmind ever created by the House of Gears selects the next one to die; precise fingers and deft hands will turn any weapon into a tool of destruction.

A pair of elegantly sculpted cooling fins rose from its back, folded down like the wings of an angel. Driving it all, a single aether core – the spirit of aether to fill it was now nearly beyond the means of mortal men. An extravagance, perhaps, but a necessary one.

I looked into those emotionless eyes for the spark of sentience and found nothing but purpose. I felt reassured rather than disappointed.

Purpose is all we seek, after all.

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  1. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    Great last line. I definately got steampunk from it – which I’m guessing was your focus. I felt it focussed on two characters really: the robot and the narrator. In a way, they almost make up one complete character = the physical and the reaction to that physical presence.

    Gorgeous detail of descript, had me reaching for my dictionary a couple of times as well which I always enjoy.
    ‘nothing but purpose’
    if only humans could be so wonderfully functional!
    (apologies for the late comment)

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Melancholic in a way, a satisfied but dark conclusion to creative brilliance. It’s oddly compelling so nicely done.