Eddie Tucker

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“And may I introduce you to – Eddie Tucker!” With that, the xenobiologist whips the coroner’s sheet back, revealing a small humanoid corpse.
Just over 4 feet tall, the body has smooth greyish skin that is mottled with decomposition. Notably, the head, hands and feet are disportionately large. Its face has large pupil-less eyes, a lipless mouth, and small orifices where the ears and nose should be.

“You’ve named him?”
“Well, John Doe wasn’t going to work.” – Dr. Lee grabs an overflowing file.
“Hmm… Recovered from crash site…” Dr. Lee clucks his tongue while he skims through the first pages.
“Ah yes, here we are” – reading in a monotone voice:
“All major organs are present and appear to possess analogous function. Tissue analysis indicates that the subject’s DNA maintains a 97.5% similarity. Carbon isotopes are consistent with other terrestrial fauna. The subject is considered morphologically similar to homo sapiens. "
“Eddie’s from Earth”
“Don’t be shocked – he’s a time traveler.”

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Comments (3 so far!)

  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Fun start. Not sure I would have gone with present tense, but you did it consistently and well. So, can’t fault you there. Nice build from the classic “gray alien” description to the similarities and finally your reveal at the end. Nice twist on the alien idea.

  2. Avatar Krulltar

    nice twist ending…

  3. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    I like the use of present tense. Takes a good writer to maintain it throughout a piece. I loved the twist too – the xenobiologist’s very casual reply to the shock of the ‘alien’ being human.

    Good job on research. Or general knowledge. ‘John Doe’ and the pathology stuff too. It gives a good background to the piece and adds to the character. Nice description of the corpse at the beginning too – created a believable image. And I thought it was an alien dammit!

    Cheers for all of your entries. Really appreciate them and enjoyed reading them.

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