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…because it’s PARTY TIME!




of course not there are no parties in worldafter

worldbefore had parties

busyhappypeople gathered
busyhappypeople drank
busyhappypeople talked
busyhappypeople thought
busyhappypeople planned

not now

their waiting is over because in the midst of the fagashgrey dustridden desolation a thing grew

small it was and feeble the fragile tiny lifeneed

they protect it

they nurture and wait on it grows on it grows on

it is a thingthatwillbe

and there is hope after all

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    You bring them hope! The party doesn’t really fit, and I like you telling that it’s not really happening, but something in the past that maybe they can barely remember. This is a good sequel in form and style.

  2. Avatar Anna Banner

    Hmmm very interesting

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