Zen Garden

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It was 3am and I lay awake, too many thoughts circling my mind. I needed focus.

Slipping on a robe, not for modesty, but to save anyone else who might still be up, I wandered aimlessly, ending at an unfamiliar sliding door. Several rakes of differing sizes leaned against the wall. I grabbed one and entered.

The room housed two large sandboxes, one at a slightly lower elevation. The closest square to the door was nothing but sand and a small walkway leading to the next square. Long lines in the sand indicated where previous rakes had been used.

I walked the path. Soft light illuminated the area, bathing everything in simulated moon glow.

The next area had tiny bridges connecting pools of moss. A brass plaque reading strength leaned up against a pile of curiously stacked rocks. As I continued on I saw another plaque on the other side. That one read This space left intentionally blank.
A small bonsai tree, brethren of Walter from the look of it, grew in the center.

It was there, that I began to rake.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Yay! We needed a Zen garden..