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Now all my joy has turned to mud
And the anger leaks into my blood
It poisons the stream and boils the flow
Makes me wish I could let go
Take my life it’s not worth the pain
To have to run away again
Since I’ve lost what made my heart beat so strong
Lost what made the world turn right from wrong
No blade or pill could ease the pressure
But to stop my heart may in turn cause pleasure
Each drop of blood may cause relief
Each wavering breath may end my grief
Each tear may release some woe
Either choice ends in letting go
Please take my life and end it soon
I have nothing else to loose.

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  1. Avatar In Night's Arms

    This is beautifully dark.
    very well written.

  2. Avatar Emily

    Wow! That was so powerful, it made me cry. You’ve got such a rare talent – you are able to convey pain beautifully. Keep writing! :-)

  3. Avatar Madiline Rosewood

    Thank you both.
    The most powerful words often have the most truth to them.