Meeting of Minds

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The door to the library burst open, startling Edward out of his reverie. He snapped to attention, quickly stashing the parchment and quill as the door snapped closed.

“Who crosses that threshold?” He queried the shadow at the door, squinting against the filtered light. “There is no more learning to be had in this place.”

The figure stood there a moment, uncertain. In that time Brother Edward’s eyes adjusted, revealing it to be the form of a young girl, dressed in the leggings and harsh threads of a woodman’s daughter.

Her frail voice broke the silence. “Brother? Brother Edward?” She took a tentative step forwards, and confirmed her charge. “Franz said I’d find you here! Come quick, I’ve found something. Something good!”

She laid it out on the table that moments before had been privy to Edwards first feeble attempts at writing. The stone settled against the aged wood with a chuff, and the glyph sparked to life, dancing in the light.

Edward’s voice broke with fear. “Child… Child, what have you found?”

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  1. Avatar Concerned Reader

    Well, this was a long time coming

Inspired by

Edward stole away from the agitated crowd. The gall of that man, preaching about “writing” and “magic.” Another fraud...

Edward the Monk by rawrchiteuthis

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