Saturn is missing

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“That’s a big ol’ wtf”, she said, pronouncing each letter individually. Me, I say ‘m all together, wift, and yeah I know they’re out of order but that’s how I rock, right?

“What is?” I said.

“Saturn’s missing.” She had a half-dozen callouts open, and she re-shaded one so it wasn’t eyes-only anymore. She’s like twenty years older than me, old enough but not rich enough to retire, and folk of her generation, they’ve got different views on privacy. Only time I shade a callout to eyes-only is if I’m porning.


“Right here.” She’s not steady as she used to be; her finger passed through the callout, hiding half the pink of her fingernail. Little ripples appeared to let her know she’d penetrated the 3d. “Should be here, but it’s not.”

“Saturn’s the one with the rings?” I said, and when she looked at me I could see on her face the thought she was framing: how’d you get a degree in astronomy? “Juk,” I said, j/k, just kidding. “Where’d it go?”

“No idea, but I think we’re going to have to find out.”

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  1. Avatar i, Coomber

    Lol, I like the way you’ve interspersed a story about a planet going missing with this guys pronunciation, a good quick way of seeing who this guy is.