Love Gutters

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Beth lit her candles just as she did every night- with trembling fingers. Tonight the licks of flame appeared to be mocking her as their tiny heads gleefully bobbed up and down behind the dirty red glass.

“I can’t believe you still light those. How long has it been since you had a customer?” Simone’s voice called from across the lonely street.

“Marshall was here a few days ago.” Beth mumbled.

Simone looked away. “I meant a paying customer.”

“Three weeks.”

“Honestly, I’m surprised you’re still here, you must’ve saved up quite a bit- back when you were popular.”

“So you think I should just give up?” Beth idly stroked the glass sleeve that covered the last candle.

Simone didn’t reply.

Beth turned to ask the question again but the words turned to ash in her mouth as she watched Marshall furtively slip into Simone’s home and shut the door behind him. Beth’s heart fluttered weakly like a starved bird. The white hot sting of betrayal was snuffed out by a wave of despair.

Numbly, Beth blew out her candles.

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  1. Avatar neil kant

    This is beautiful, I get the image of the narrow streets of a European city, hundreds of years ago. Really enjoyed this — wait, is enjoy the right word for witnessing this heartbreak? I felt it, I guess.