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Do you understand you hurt me?
Do you realize I cried?
I gave my heart
I sold my soul
I bought your every lie.

Do you feel bad when you see me?
Can you even sleep at night?
It’s only you,
’Cuz my heart aches
Each time I turn out the light.

Do you ever think about me?
Is your conscience even real?
To tell the truth,
I’ve entirely lost
the ability to feel.

Do you think that’s a good thing?
Do you think I should stay
absent from love,
alone in life,
Just taking it day by day?

Do you enjoy seeing me shattered?
Do you relish in my despair?
For in my heart
each bleeding wound
reinforces that you never cared.

So I’ve got one more question,
that’s been gnawing on my thoughts.
Did you honestly think,
really truly believe,
that in the end you wouldn’t get caught?

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  1. Avatar In Night's Arms

    That’s…well there aren’t many words to describe a situation like this and how badly that can hurt, the scar it leaves.
    if you went through, or are in the middle of this feeling, I’m really sorry. Its a difficult place to be, a hard one to escape.

  2. Avatar OpenSkies

    Went through, past tense. There is no way I would be able to write about it if it was currently happening.
    It’s more of a reflection of how I felt, now that I finally worked through it all.

  3. Avatar In Night's Arms

    Probably true, I couldn’t either.
    I’m glad you got through it.

  4. Avatar OpenSkies

    Thank you.
    It was a journey.

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