June 8, 1405

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Richard Scrope sat uncomfortably astride his horse as it ambled along. He bowed his head within the darkness granted by the hood of his dark blue cloak, and prayed to Saint Stephen in hushed tones not intended for the ears of his escort.

The words that Fulthorp had spoken to him scant hours earlier in the presence of King Henry still rang in his ears: We condemn you, Richard, to death as a traitor to the King, and by order of the King we command you to be beheaded. His protestations of innocence had fallen on closed ears. He had overestimated the King and was now being sacrificed to the ego of a capricious and vain man who wasn’t especially interested in the welfare of his subjects.

The tortuously slow procession passed through the walls of York and ever closer to the cheerless glint of the executioner’s sword. Richard chanted a few penitential psalms in a vain attempt to slow his racing heart. The nag’s sharp spine dug into him but he made no effort to relieve the discomfort.

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  1. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    My only quibble with this is the use of ‘uncomfortably’ in the first sentence — it’s not quite clear whether it’s referring to the horse or the rider. Otherwise, great piece with a bleak mood.

  2. Avatar August 2nd

    I proofread this piece at least 5 times and didn’t see that. Thanks, Jim.

  3. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    You certainly have a way with capturing a moment in time!

  4. Avatar BiC

    Excellent story; very well written. O, if I could write half as well… oh, the fame and fortune I would most certainly amass!
    (You proofread 5 times? Maybe I should do that? ;)