Melody the Uni-Cloud: Willowreek

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This time the notes were long and leaden. Whereas the first song was meant to set the pace of their labor, this one was ponderous and sung low. Despire her current situation, Melody felt the song resonate with something inside her and she listened to the words.

“Ohhhhhhh, we brothers threeeeeeeeee,
bound to youuu, by our greeeeeeeeed,
working off our debts to keep the peeeeeeace
Summon our mistress,
the dread witch, Willowreeeeeeeek”

Tendrils of smoke detached themselves from the bonfire’s bounty to twist around and around until an aged crone face appeared. “What?” it demanded acidly.

“We have a nosy unicorn here.” Grumbleruff said.


“She was trying to stop us.” Grimmstuff added.

“I see. Bring her to me.”

“Can’t you come get her?” Grumbleruff asked.

I’m busy!

“But we’ll fall behind schedule.”

“Then I suppose you’ll just have to have to work harder, won’t you?”

Grumbleruff sighed. “Yes.”

“Good.” With a self-satisfied sniff, the witch’s face dissipated.

Melody knew what she had to do.

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