The End

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Gusts of wind bring the smell of rain. All else is eerily quiet as I take my place in the line of soldiers prepared to defend the city. We stand at the tops of the walls with bows in hand, full quivers on our backs, and swords at our sides. This is the city we love filled with the people we love. The darkness without is full of our enemies.

I glance to either side, comforted by the presence of my best friends. This is not where I would choose to be; but if I must, these are the people I would choose to have with me. These two who know me better than I know myself. There may not be much time left to enjoy their company.

“Sean,” I whisper, “all those stories of heroes and glory? That’s us now.”

He tosses me a smile.

I turn to my right and whisper again. “Kiel…” I don’t know how to say what I want to say. But I don’t have to.

“I won’t leave you.” The promise is barely audible and Kiel barely moves. But it is exactly what I need to hear.

I face the darkness again and a drop of water falls onto my cheek.

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  1. Avatar BiC

    Nicely done. Our hero is dealing with some pretty heavy stuff here. Its good she has good friends at her side. I hope that despite the title of this “sequel” you will choose to write more.

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