Airships: New Skies

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Elletra closed her eyes – but in a sudden flash of light that left her entire body tingling, she was through. The captain released his grip and nodded at the helmsman before turning back to her.

“This is the other side, mademoiselle. Does it not already feel like you are in a different place? The air, so full of energy; it never fails to make me feel young again.”

He broke off as Gladstone entered the bridge; they bowed and exchanged a few quiet words before the first mate left again. Elletra took a deep breath and had to agree that the air was different. It had a certain indefinable quality; a little younger and fresher, as if this world was somehow newer than the one she had left behind.

She became aware of a sudden change in the atmosphere on deck. Jerem had his eyeglass out again, pointing it towards some snow-capped mountains in the distance where a pinprick of light flashed a few times. He turned to her after a moment, expression grim.

“I must ask you to go back to your cabin. We may be attacked.”

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  1. Avatar Seb Feast

    Ooh, this story is progressing nicely. Kudos, you two. :)

  2. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Awesome job, Shu Sam Chen!

    Thanks, Seb Feast!

  3. Avatar Ighnot

    Good work!

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